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Hi, I'm Nuriy Arisa


I'm a Product Designer based in Shah Alam, Selangor with 5 years of experience in delivering end-to-end product design for software products with multidisciplinary team. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design and am constantly looking to discover new things every day.



B2B job portal site that I help to enhance their product experience to fit their customer needs and gaps resulting in more business revenue

Please reach out via email for a password

AirAsia Redtix

Event ticketing company I was involved in redesigning their official website for the customer (B2C) and as Lead Designer for their Event Management System (B2B) platform. 

Bakehouse Venture Builder

A start-up company that I have created their company website as well as structure the sitemap in their company website

Aquila Network

Fintech company that I created their company website and design sitemap for their company

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